Word of mouth marketing is the most effective branding strategy in existence. However, only a few business owners realize its actual potential in helping you build a successful business and branding system. Ask yourself, “What could be better than having actual people talk others into doing business with your company?” It is only natural for people to talk about a recent product or service they experience.

Most importantly, word of mouth marketing does not cost you anything. It is just as valid as other methods of advertising, but without the high costs and investments. Furthermore, marketing experts declare word of mouth marketing to be the most powerful means of communicating a company’s marketing message.


Effects of Word of Mouth Marketing

We all see various TV commercials or websites that sell products, and familiar with testimonials. Most businesses utilize this marketing tactic to provide valid proof of their products and services. Therefore, regarding the benefits and claims made by the company, which is in the form of actual users of the product or service.

There is a conflict here: if business owners were to ask people to provide testimony about a product or service, then it will be a partial demographic. The business owner would most likely choose only users who have something positive to say. The primary intent is to gain new customers.

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Word of mouth marketing and its power now becomes evident. This method of communicating with potential customers of a given brand creates a personal connection between the consumers and the company. Also, previous users to the product who was satisfied with it will now recommend the product or service to their colleagues, friends and family members. Therefore, business owners get free advertisement, which is more efficient than a TV or social media ad but without the costs.

Word of mouth marketing so has its disadvantages. Customer complaining about bad service, or bad quality products will hurt any brand. Research reveals that word of mouth marketing has a more significant impact on the buying decisions of people between the ages of 18 to 54.


Bigger Customer Voice

If you want to maintain or increase your market reach, you must work on providing superior customer service. Excellent customer service will make sure you will gain loyal customers that believe and trust your brand. Successfully enhancing that trust will enable you to produce a superb customer voice. Therefore, when these individuals are asked to say something about your company, they will only have positive reviews.

Hence, many companies are developing new methods to improve their “listening” skills when it comes to their customer’s voice. Enhancing customer communications expands customer satisfaction, therefore increasing positive word of mouth marketing.


Tips for Increasing Word of Mouth Marketing

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a branding strategy that will create a buzz for your target audience. Arouse their curiosity and attention.
  2. Strive to satisfy the needs of your target market. Remember, when your customers are happy with your product or service, they will happily and willingly recommend others.
  3. Reply to feedback, whether positive or negative. Apart from promoting your business, utilize word of mouth marketing to gather quality information on how you can improve your service and branding strategy.




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Brand color plays an essential part of the image building process of business branding. You may recognize several top brand businesses by their distinct brand colors such as Home Depot, Target, BestBuy, McDonald’s, and Walmart. Therefore, you need to realize the potential impact that is carefully choosing the color to use as part of your brand strategy will help establish your business image amongst your target audience.


Importance of Brand Color

I know it may seem minor, but color affects the memory recall of consumers on your product or business overall. When your target audience thinks of a specific color like yours, they will quickly associate that color with your product. The presence of color will then trigger their senses and send message signals without having to initiate a communicative pattern.

Now that we have discussed the role that color plays in your branding strategy, the next thing you must focus on is choosing the color you want to use. However, even this shouldn’t be as difficult being that you have developed your guidelines and vision for your business. Once you choose the brand color, you must then use it in all business promotional materials and advertisements to further enhance the prominence of the color associated with your business and its products or services.

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Brand Color Meaning

Each color has its universal meaning that you must consider before using them in your business branding. Below are primary colors you may want to consider:

Dark Colors


Blue, universally speaking, is a well-liked color. It emits a feeling of trustworthy, security and responsibility. As a result, blue is commonly used in the business industry because it is not only lovely to look at, but it releases a positive vibe as it is a color associated with the sea and sky. The message relayed using this color builds up trust among individuals.



Red stimulates the senses rapidly; hence it is an attention grabber that creates the impression of being aggressive and energetic. Businesses use this color when they want to induce emotion and receive a quick response from their target audience. Fast food chains such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Popeyes and Pizza Hut, use red because of it a display a hot, burning and intensify attitude.



Black is the classic choice for brand color. Furthermore, it signifies a bold, powerful and sophisticated persona. Therefore, black is quite standard for expensive products such as Chanel, Prada, and Versace, or modern gadgets such as Harry Winston and Vertu.

Light Colors


Green suggests health and serenity. However, the meaning can differ according to the shades of green used. Lighter shades of green produce more of a calming effect, while darker ones imply wealth and prestige.



This color is associated mostly with the sun. Therefore, businesses use yellow to establish a positive message of optimism and warmth. There are also varying shades of yellow but their meaning range from creating motivation to producing positive energy. Bright yellow is used in advertisements to grab the attention of consumers, which is the first step in every purchase process.



Finally, white signifies simplicity and purity. It is good to use on signage, due to the fact any white object produce a certain level of brightness. Much as with black, white also help to achieve a professional and powerful image. It is also best associated with products relating to health and sanitary care. Hence, Charmin Paper Company.


Choosing Your Brand Color

Use all the pointers above when choosing a brand color during your business branding strategy. You will be able to produce more impact on your marketing campaigns.




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As we all know, creating a business brand is one thing, but building a strong business brand is another. Therefore, every starting business person must be aware of the fundamentals involved in creating a business brand. One that would enable your product to excel in your target market. However, you must not be afraid of the process. Instead, try to enjoy the journey of brand building, and you will be able to build a brand that you can be proud of, and your customers will love.

Focus on the Business

Before you begin thinking of a brand, you must first think of your business. After all, the brand is only a representation of your business. My advice is to refrain from focusing too much on developing an active brand without giving attention to the actual company. Remember, your brand reflects your business, not the other way around.

Branding will be a lot easier once you can answer the following questions concerning your business:

  1. What is the nature of your business?
  2. What type of services or products will you offer your customers?
  3. What are the distinct differences between you and your competitors?


What is the Nature of Your Business?

Communicating the products and services your company offers to your target market is one of the reasons for creating a brand. Therefore, spend time evaluating the nature of your business and which attributes or images it conveys to your target market. Also, determine your target audience. Are you catering to mothers, college graduates, children or the Christian community? Knowing this will help establish the name, as well as, the image for your business.

Increasing the awareness of your brand will only increase sales of your company’s products or services. Thus, creating a strong business brand your target audience will remember and build a loyal customer base.

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What Type of Service(s) or Product(s) Will You Offer Your Customers?

The need surround a brand name such as a logo, tagline, mission statement or color palette are all but abstract concepts. The experience that your customer has with your product or service is what establishes a brand. It is a concrete representation of your business. Hence, you must build that relationship between your customer and the type of service or product you bring to them. Remember, your customer’s experience must be a memorable one.

Understanding the value of your products or services is a vital formula that would produce a strong business brand. It is not all about images, but delivering to the needs of your customer. Helping boost your brand’s campaign in your target market.

What Are the Distinct Differences Between You and Your Competitors?

Yes, examining the type of brand that is utilized by your competitors will help you establish your brand. On the other hand, you must find a way to set yourself apart from them while exceeding them at the same time. A distinction must not only come from the business name or logo, but also from the quality of service or product you deliver. What can you offer that your competitors have not or cannot provide your target audience? After you have come up with the answer to that question, incorporate that into the creation of your brand. This way it is easier to capture the attention of your target audience, resulting in bringing more customers to you.


You Have Now Created a Strong Business Brand

Always remember, in a market that this flooded with several other competitors, making yourself unique and distinct from them is one way to establish the reputation of your business. Pair that with a passion for delivering top-notch customer service and high-quality products, you are sure to create a strong business brand that will help you exceed your goals.




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Brand models are formulated to create the outline needed to build an effective brand that will withstand market trends and your competition. Branding takes a lot of planning and strategizing. Therefore, coming up with the most innovative and eye-catching marketing ideas in an effective way to market your products or services need to be carefully laid out. In addition, planning enables you to take notice of the vital aspects involved in creating your brand.

Brand Models

Basic brand models include the brand planning process. Each model review the different aspects of creating a sound branding strategy. Aside from the ability to suggest methods for specific brand ideas, these models will also help entrepreneurs understand their target audience. This is helpful in improving old branding strategies and developing new ones.

All features are the key to developing strong brands, which are necessary steps that must be taken by all companies in their branding efforts. While these models are not directly linked, one does impact another.

Brand Positioning

This model involves your effort to create an image that will have premium position in your market. When you firmly establish your brand, it will help your target market easily remember and choose your line of products. This aspect of your brand planning is where you must focus on creating a superior brand that will eliminate your competition. Here are a few steps you can consider:

Step 1: Identify your competition and define the parameter of your own brand against your competition.

Step 2: Introduce attributes of your brand that will stand out from your competition. You must also introduce different elements that will give a high-quality perception of your brand.

Step 3: Establish a slogan that will reaffirm the position and values of your brand. It must articulate the message of your brand and the promises you deliver to your target market.

Brand Resonance

Once you have completed the stage of creation and distinct placement in your market, your next step is to protect the loyalty of your customers. First, you must develop an efficient customer feedback system. This model follows the initial steps laid out by brand positioning. Now that you have now acquired your target audience, your next step is to strengthen your relationship between them and your brand. Remember, majority of your business sales stem from repeat customers.

In this stage, you must reinforce the messages initially conveyed by your brand. Therefore, your customers will remain satisfied with your level of performance and the quality of your brand. Always ask yourself, are your methods consistent to the identity of your brand’s mission? Use the feedback of your customers to help improve your brand.

Brand Value Chain

This model is more focused on the financial impact of your branding. The basic idea of this model it that your brand value consists in your customers. As a result, you should be focusing most of your branding strategies towards your customers.

Combining these various models will provide any small business owner a reliable perspective of the different areas involved in marketing their business. In conclusion, these branding steps will enable you to easily track progress or problem areas in your branding system.

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