Birmingham Web Design & Logo Design

Our History

C Kinion Design was founded in May of 2016 as a WordPress design agency in Birmingham, Alabama.

However, C Kinion Design has grown to become a full-scale digital design firm with services including website design and development, graphic design, social media marketing, SEO Training, and website support. We have developed and supported small businesses and entrepreneurs in various industries.

Philosophy & Vision

At C Kinion Design we believe in building long-term relationships and giving quality services to our clients. Moreover, we dedicate time to educate our clients on the use of their websites and adjusting along the way.

Our vision is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs increase their online presence with powerful branding and professional, responsive website designs.

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Chauncyne Kinion Cunningham

Founder and Senior Designer

Here at C Kinion Design, I believe your website is more than just an online business card, it is your primary marketing tool. Your website should connect authentically with potential clients, develop the know, like and trust of your company, and show your customers that you “get them.”

Your website should also rank not only in Google but other search engines, to continually bring in new clients that exist outside of your natural spheres. Working great on every platform, especially cellular devices, because that is where everyone browses.

When working with clients, one of my primary roles is education. Tech is probably not your genius work, you have success in another industry. I want to educate and empower you to update and use your website to its full capacity. I can fill in the blanks, always being the support system where you lack skill or time. I believe in long-term relationships, and retain nearly all my clients, offering stability as they grow and change in business.

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