Word of mouth marketing is the most effective branding strategy in existence. However, only a few business owners realize its actual potential in helping you build a successful business and branding system. Ask yourself, “What could be better than having actual people talk others into doing business with your company?” It is only natural for people to talk about a recent product or service they experience.

Most importantly, word of mouth marketing does not cost you anything. It is just as valid as other methods of advertising, but without the high costs and investments. Furthermore, marketing experts declare word of mouth marketing to be the most powerful means of communicating a company’s marketing message.


Effects of Word of Mouth Marketing

We all see various TV commercials or websites that sell products, and familiar with testimonials. Most businesses utilize this marketing tactic to provide valid proof of their products and services. Therefore, regarding the benefits and claims made by the company, which is in the form of actual users of the product or service.

There is a conflict here: if business owners were to ask people to provide testimony about a product or service, then it will be a partial demographic. The business owner would most likely choose only users who have something positive to say. The primary intent is to gain new customers.

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Word of mouth marketing and its power now becomes evident. This method of communicating with potential customers of a given brand creates a personal connection between the consumers and the company. Also, previous users to the product who was satisfied with it will now recommend the product or service to their colleagues, friends and family members. Therefore, business owners get free advertisement, which is more efficient than a TV or social media ad but without the costs.

Word of mouth marketing so has its disadvantages. Customer complaining about bad service, or bad quality products will hurt any brand. Research reveals that word of mouth marketing has a more significant impact on the buying decisions of people between the ages of 18 to 54.


Bigger Customer Voice

If you want to maintain or increase your market reach, you must work on providing superior customer service. Excellent customer service will make sure you will gain loyal customers that believe and trust your brand. Successfully enhancing that trust will enable you to produce a superb customer voice. Therefore, when these individuals are asked to say something about your company, they will only have positive reviews.

Hence, many companies are developing new methods to improve their “listening” skills when it comes to their customer’s voice. Enhancing customer communications expands customer satisfaction, therefore increasing positive word of mouth marketing.


Tips for Increasing Word of Mouth Marketing

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a branding strategy that will create a buzz for your target audience. Arouse their curiosity and attention.
  2. Strive to satisfy the needs of your target market. Remember, when your customers are happy with your product or service, they will happily and willingly recommend others.
  3. Reply to feedback, whether positive or negative. Apart from promoting your business, utilize word of mouth marketing to gather quality information on how you can improve your service and branding strategy.




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