Brand color plays an essential part of the image building process of business branding. You may recognize several top brand businesses by their distinct brand colors such as Home Depot, Target, BestBuy, McDonald’s, and Walmart. Therefore, you need to realize the potential impact that is carefully choosing the color to use as part of your brand strategy will help establish your business image amongst your target audience.


Importance of Brand Color

I know it may seem minor, but color affects the memory recall of consumers on your product or business overall. When your target audience thinks of a specific color like yours, they will quickly associate that color with your product. The presence of color will then trigger their senses and send message signals without having to initiate a communicative pattern.

Now that we have discussed the role that color plays in your branding strategy, the next thing you must focus on is choosing the color you want to use. However, even this shouldn’t be as difficult being that you have developed your guidelines and vision for your business. Once you choose the brand color, you must then use it in all business promotional materials and advertisements to further enhance the prominence of the color associated with your business and its products or services.

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Brand Color Meaning

Each color has its universal meaning that you must consider before using them in your business branding. Below are primary colors you may want to consider:

Dark Colors


Blue, universally speaking, is a well-liked color. It emits a feeling of trustworthy, security and responsibility. As a result, blue is commonly used in the business industry because it is not only lovely to look at, but it releases a positive vibe as it is a color associated with the sea and sky. The message relayed using this color builds up trust among individuals.



Red stimulates the senses rapidly; hence it is an attention grabber that creates the impression of being aggressive and energetic. Businesses use this color when they want to induce emotion and receive a quick response from their target audience. Fast food chains such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Popeyes and Pizza Hut, use red because of it a display a hot, burning and intensify attitude.



Black is the classic choice for brand color. Furthermore, it signifies a bold, powerful and sophisticated persona. Therefore, black is quite standard for expensive products such as Chanel, Prada, and Versace, or modern gadgets such as Harry Winston and Vertu.

Light Colors


Green suggests health and serenity. However, the meaning can differ according to the shades of green used. Lighter shades of green produce more of a calming effect, while darker ones imply wealth and prestige.



This color is associated mostly with the sun. Therefore, businesses use yellow to establish a positive message of optimism and warmth. There are also varying shades of yellow but their meaning range from creating motivation to producing positive energy. Bright yellow is used in advertisements to grab the attention of consumers, which is the first step in every purchase process.



Finally, white signifies simplicity and purity. It is good to use on signage, due to the fact any white object produce a certain level of brightness. Much as with black, white also help to achieve a professional and powerful image. It is also best associated with products relating to health and sanitary care. Hence, Charmin Paper Company.


Choosing Your Brand Color

Use all the pointers above when choosing a brand color during your business branding strategy. You will be able to produce more impact on your marketing campaigns.




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