Get 10% (that's up to $560) For Referring Clients To Us

We get clients, you get money, and they get a well-needed website. Win-win.

4-Easy Steps:

1) Talk to Your Friends or Clients

You determine which clients or friends that could use services provided by C. Kinion Design (i.e. old ugly website). Also, find out if your client or friends needs a new website and tell them them you have an excellent designer that you would like to recommend.

2) Send Referral Via Form Below

Ask them if you could have C. Kinion Design contact them. Get their name, contact number, and email address and send it to us.

3) We Follow Up

We contact them. Take them through our discovery process to help determine their needs and price out their website.

4) You Get Paid

After each payment that they pay us, we pay you 10%.

Fill Out Form. Get Money. Simple.

Referral Form

Form to capture referrals from partners and clients.

Your Info (Referrer)

Lead Info (Referral)

Example Numbers ($):

Our Average Contract Price (Last 3 Months)

You Would Get

Partner With C. Kinion Design

We are looking for new partners. You provide us website design leads and you can get a percentage of the website design project as a referral fee.

How Much Do We Pay For Leads?

We normally get anywhere from $595– $5,600 per site and we are offering 10% for solid leads. Just for referring people to us, you can get between $60 – $560. We are willing to work out special relationships with firms that are serious and proven at getting us business. In addition, for every 3 referrals that does business with us, you will receive a $200 Hotel Discount Card!

We’re Looking For You

We should talk. We are looking for small businesses and entrepreneurs that sell to the general public, but that do not offer web design.  This could be, but not limited to:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Beauty Professionals
  • Boutique Owners
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment Establishments
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurance Agents
  • Furniture Companies
  • Business Coaches
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Network Marketers
  • Clothes Designers
  • Daycare and Preschool Facilities

Why Team Up With C. Kinion Design?

  • We are careful not to over-sell: For example – if your client asks us if they should have a blog, we will ask them if they have time to write articles once or twice a week and if they say “no” then we will tell them they don’t need a blog section. This prevents buyers remorse and creates trust.
  • We are marketers 1st, web designers 2nd. Unlike other design firms, we focus on making sure the website is focused on doing its job – getting them more business.
  • We only do website design and we help keep your clients loyal to you. We know they trusted you first and we want to maintain that.
  • We have clients throughout the US in a variety of industries. Not only that, but we ask the right questions to make sure their website serves their needs, no matter what type of business they are.
  • We are excellent at what we do.
  • We give the client full control over their site – nothing is locked-down and they can hire whatever Internet marketing firm they want.
  • We will take excellent care of our mutual clients.
  • We can sell! Nothing is worse than giving leads to a company and hoping to get some money out of it and that company is terrible at following up on sales, and lets the leads die.

So, How Much Can I Make?

Well, let’s do the MATH!

You refer 10 new clients/people that may need a website.

8 out of the 10 decide to work with us.

They spend an average of $1,250 for their website design.


8 Referrals x $1,250 (Average Deal) = $10,000

TOTAL Earnings for you = $1,000

Want to Partner With Us?

Enter your details below and we’ll contact you about partnering up.

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